Preliminary Results and Trading Update

Clarissa Elsner

GVC Holdings PLC (AIM:GVC), the multinational sports betting and gaming group, today announces its Preliminary Results for the year ended 31 December 2013 and a Trading Update for its first quarter to 31 March 2014.

The full results are available to
download in PDF format.


  • Total Proforma Revenues* increased by 69% to €180.6 million (2012: €107.1 million)
  • Clean EBITDA** rose year-on-year by 148% to €38.3 million, ahead of upgraded market expectations
  • Sportingbet turnaround complete and contributed €4.7 million to 2013 EBITDA
  • EPS (normalised and non-diluted) rose 83% to 58.6 €cents (2012: 32.1 €cents)
  • Quarterly dividend – 11.5 €cents declared plus a special dividend of 4.5 €cents also declared
  • Total dividends declared for 2013 up 120% to 48.5 €cents (2012: 22.0 €cents)
  • Current trading at record levels, NGR exceeded €50 million for Q1 (Q1 2013: €35.6 million)
  • Complex acquisition capabilities proven and GVC looking at a variety of further opportunities

* Assumes revenues from East Pioneer Corporation consolidated from 1 January 2013 to 19 March 2013
** Earnings before interest, taxation, depreciation, amortisation, share option charges and exceptional items

Commenting on the results, Kenneth Alexander, Chief Executive of GVC Holdings plc, said: “Executing the complex acquisition and turnaround of Sportingbet has been a milestone for GVC and has led to greater geographical diversification and a significant increase in profits and dividends. We are now ready for the next stage in our corporate development and further geographic expansion through organic growth and acquisitions. GVC aims to deliver this without diluting the dividend. The Board is confident of meeting current market expectations for the 2014 financial year as underpinned by our proposed dividend of 16 €cents total.”

Results presentation will be available under the ‘Presentations section‘ from 12 noon onwards


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2013 saw a step-change in GVC, its size, its complexity, but more importantly its profitability, cash generation, and the dividends paid to shareholders following the acquisition of Sportingbet plc on 19 March 2013.

The Group is now generating over €1.2 billion a year in sports wagers, and total revenues in the first quarter of 2014 exceeded €50 million, an average of more than €556k per day (2013: €394k). At the date of this statement, GVC’s market capitalisation is now over £230 million, and between 2009 and 2013 the Group has paid to its shareholders £51.8 million in dividends and is already ranked as one of the highest yielding dividend payers on AIM (Source: Dividends on AIM – March 2014 by Allenby Capital).

Cash generation and its conversion into dividends is a key part of GVC’s strategy, and the Board is pleased to announce today a final dividend for 2013 of 11.5 €cents. In addition, the Board is proposing a special dividend of 4.5 €cents, reflecting results ahead of recently upgraded market expectations for 2013. The payment of the 16 €cents dividend is proposed for 19 May 2014 but is dependent on the shareholder vote at the Annual General Meeting to be held in the Isle of Man on 14 May 2014. Thus the total dividend declared for the year will be 48.5 €cents, an increase of 120% on the prior year (2012: 22.0 €cents).

GVC undertook its acquisition of Sportingbet: to mitigate the earn-out payments arising from the November 2011 Superbahis transaction with Sportingbet to: acquire market-leading software; and acquire customers in over 20 additional markets. GVC has a proven track record of executing acquisitions and now GVC has the platform, scale and infrastructure to pursue further transactions, along with being able to utilise economies of scale to further drive organic growth.

GVC significantly restructured Sportingbet and its balance sheet, which not only had a deficit in working capital of €50 million at acquisition, but also, was substantially loss-making and cash-burning. In the nine and half months since acquisition, a financial turnaround has been achieved resulting in a Clean EBITDA for Sportingbet of €4.7 million with €3.8 million being generated in Q4-2013 alone.

The acquisition and the subsequent restructuring costs were largely financed through the issue of an additional 29 million shares to existing Sportingbet shareholders at a “roll-over” price per share of £2.48; and from William Hill plc a contribution of £36.5 million along with a long-term loan of £6.9 million.

GVC’s strategy is to increase shareholder returns through a combination of: generating high levels of cash and distributing this by way of dividends; increasing the markets in which the Group trades to diversify geographic risk; and improving the quality of the Group’s earnings through acquisitions and joint ventures. In the next 12 months, the Group will seek to: accelerate its penetration in Brazil, the host nation of the FIFA World Cup; drive further synergies from the Sportingbet acquisition; improve the product offering, particularly mobile; continue growing the many markets in which GVC operates; and devote more executive time to non-dilutive investment and acquisition opportunities.

Current trading (Q1 2014) is at record levels, with sports wagers averaging €3.8 million per day, a sports margin of 10.1% and an average Net Gaming Revenue (“NGR”) increasing by 41% to €556k per day compared to €394k in 2013, and up by 6.3% on Q4-2013 (€523k). The Board is therefore confident of meeting current market expectations for the 2014 financial year as underpinned by our proposed 16 €cents dividend.

Lee Feldman

8 April 2014



I am pleased to report a series of significant increases over 2012:

Sports wagers 1.2 billion 0.5 billion 125%
Proforma Revenue* 181 million 107 million 69%
NGR 168 million 60 million 179%
Contribution 103 million 36 million 181%
Clean EBITDA 38.3 million 15.6 million 148%
Normalised EPS 58.6 cents 32.1 cents 83%
Dividends declared 48.5 cents 22.0 cents 120%

Totals may not sum due to rounding and percentages have been calculated on the underlying rather than the summarised figures.

* as described in the Chairman’s report of 25 March 2013, being the underlying levels for the business as if the revenues of the B2B partner, East Pioneer Corporation BV were fully consolidated in the results of GVC.

GVC has achieved a record level of Clean EBITDA for 2013 at €38.3 million which is ahead of recently upgraded market expectations. The financial turnaround of Sportingbet was completed during the year with significant restructuring, and the acquired business returned to profitability, making a contribution to Clean EBITDA of €4.7 million.

This financial turnaround has allowed GVC not only to pay a quarterly dividend of 11.5 €cents in line with what it had already paid earlier in 2014, but also to announce a special dividend of a further 4.5 €cents. This means that the total dividend declared for the year is 48.5 €cents, an increase of 120% on 2012 (22.0 €cents).

In Sportingbet, GVC has acquired and developed further a market leading sports platform, and it is this, together with a more “fit for purpose” corporate infrastructure which has allowed the Board to be ready for further acquisitions and investments. GVC is already benefiting from the successful integration of Sportingbet and this can be seen in the record levels of trading in Q1-2014, with revenues exceeding €50 million per quarter for the first time.

However, whatever the size of the transactions the GVC Board looks at, none will be considered if they might undermine the maintenance of the dividend for our shareholders.

The principal aims of GVC in 2013 were to:

  • Complete the acquisition and integration of Sportingbet at minimal cost and dilution to shareholders;
  • Deliver significant synergies on the Sportingbet integration;
  • Enhance the dividend for shareholders; and
  • Improve the overall product offering, particularly in the mobile channel.

Shareholders and customers alike have benefited from all of the above. Of particular note, in my statement for last year, I was hopeful that GVC would restore the dividend by November 2013. In fact, in July 2013 GVC announced a 50% increase in its quarterly dividend to 10.5 €cents up from 7.0 €cents declared in January 2013, and the Board then declared a further 10.5 €cents in September 2013. In January 2014, the dividend was increased again by 1 €cent (a rise of 9.5%) to 11.5 €cents.

After eight months of negotiations, the deal to acquire the non-Australian business of Sportingbet was completed on 19 March 2013. GVC passed on Sportingbet’s Spanish business to William Hill, as previously agreed, on 16 September 2013. The Group had its shares suspended at 233.5 pence on 16 October 2012 and on 20 March 2013, the date on which the new GVC shares were admitted to trading, the shares closed at 247 pence.

The business of Sportingbet was profoundly indebted, loss-making and cash-burning. In the nine and a half months since acquisition, GVC has converted these substantial losses into a profit of just under €5 million but with the majority of this being generated in the back-end of the year, with €3.8 million being earned in Q4-2013.

To make the acquisition financially enhancing for our shareholders, deep cuts were needed and it was necessary to reduce the inherited headcount by around a third, which, along with property and other cost reductions, reduced the expenditure base by around 50%. A number of in-house functions were outsourced and GVC has a number of significant partnerships in cost-efficient jurisdictions. GVC sees this as a blueprint for its future expansion.

This success has not just been achieved however through cost cutting. GVC has very much focused on driving-up its revenues against strong currency headwinds in both Brazil and Turkey. The Group has grown its revenues in local currencies and those reported in Euros through a combination of intensive CRM activity and VIP management. Of course a key driver of the revenue success is the achievement of consistently high sports margins. There will of course be times when the sports results are “punter-friendly.” GVC’s aim has been to use the skills of its trading teams (around 100 employees and a sixth of the Group’s workforce) and combine this with state-of-the-art event feeds. This approach has enabled GVC to deliver an aggregate sports margin of 9.6% in 2013.

GVC’s customers want great service, great products and a great experience. The Group is unrelenting in the delivery of these factors, without which the highly competitive landscape will entice players away from GVC. For that reason, the Group has been investing in its mobile product and has witnessed a significant increase in the take-up of mobile to around 19% of sportsbook NGR, albeit, from a low base of around 10%. This is a trend that GVC sees continuing and being ever more important for customer retention. In-play betting continues to grow and now represents around 70% of the sports wagers placed. Football, tennis and basketball represent around 90% of customer wagering.

Operationally, by early 2014 GVC had:

  • migrated its main gaming licence to Malta;
  • integrated its Betboo product;
  • consolidated its payment wallets; and
  • outsourced at significantly lower cost some of its IT and Customer Services support functions.

I am also pleased to report on our high-level KPIs based on “pro-forma” revenues (“PFR”) over the last nine quarters expressed in €000’s per day.

margin %
Gaming &
Q1-2014 3,773 10.1% 254 302 556
Q1-2013 1,894 12.5% 209 185 394
Q1-2012 1,530 11.5% 148 141 289
Q4-2013 3,926 8.4% 244 279 523
Q4-2012 1,453 12.3% 162 162 324
Q3-2013 3,335 9.8% 267 251 518
Q3-2012 1,402 10.4% 123 149 272
Q2-2013 3,637 9.2% 275 267 542
Q2-2012 1,286 10.8% 120 166 286

Sports wagers have doubled in value over Q1-2013 to just under €3.8 million per day and revenues per day have not only grown by 41% year-on-year but have grown 6.3% in the last quarter alone.

Gaming revenues have also increased across all of the Group’s markets and are expected to benefit further by our continued investment in our mobile product.

The Group has been impacted by a stronger Euro, and we estimate that the impact of this in 2013 alone would be around €25k per day, thus GVC’s underlying growth rates are closer to 50%.

GVC is now ready for the next stage in its corporate development and further geographic expansion through organic growth and acquisitions. GVC aims to deliver this without diluting the dividend. The Board is confident of meeting current market expectations for the 2014 financial year as underpinned by our proposed dividend of 16 €cents total.


Kenneth Alexander
Chief Executive
8 April 2014



The financial information for the Group reflects the consolidation of Sportingbet* for the 287 days from 19 March 2013. The business is now largely integrated and the Group now presents its results as a single entity, including both CasinoClub and the B2B activities.

Table 1: Summary of key financial measures

In €millions 2013 2012 Change % change
Sports wagers 1,169.5 518.9 +650.6 +125%
 – sports from Sportingbet 661.9 +661.9  
 – sports from existing businesses 507.6 518.9 -11.3  
Sports margin 9.6% 11.3% -170bps -15%
Sports revenue 90.8 50.6 +40.2
Gaming revenue 89.8 56.5 +33.3
 – gaming from Sportingbet 35.2 +35.2  
 – gaming from existing businesses 54.6 56.5 -1.9  
Total proforma revenue 180.6 107.1 +73.5 +69%
– from Sportingbet 86.1 +86.1  
– from existing businesses 94.5 107.1 -12.6  
Total NGR 168.4 60.3 +108.1 +179%
 – NGR acquired from Sportingbet 74.7 +74.7  
 – NGR from existing business 93.7 60.3 +33.4  
Contribution 102.6 36.5 +66.1 +181%
Contribution divided by PFR = 57% 34% +23%
 – Contribution from Sportingbet 42.0 +42.0  
 – Contribution from existing brands 60.6 36.5 +24.1  
Expenditure (64.3) (21.0) +43.3  
Clean EBITDA 38.3 15.5 +22.8 +148%
Clean EBITDA/proforma revenue 21% 14% +7%
PBT and exceptional items 32.7 10.6 +22.1 +208%
Exceptional items (19.7) 0.2 -19.9
Taxation (0.7) (0.5) -0.2
Discontinued activities (1.1) +1.1
Profit after taxation 12.3 9.2 3.1
Adjusted, non dilutive EPS in €cents 58.6 32.1 +26.5 +83%
Dividend paid / share in €cents 28.0 26.0 +2.0 +8%
Dividends declared / share in €cents 48.5 22.0 +26.5 +120%
Operating cashflows 19.8 4.8 +15.0 +312%
Dividends paid (15.0) (8.2) +6.8 +83%
Cash and cash in transit 37.1 20.0 +17.1
Customer liabilities (13.3) (1.7) -11.6
Net current assets 0.3 4.6 -4.5
Non-current liabilities (14.0) (12.3) -1.7
Shareholder funds 141.1 58.5 82.6 +141%
Number of shares in issue 60,906,760 31,592,172 29,314,588 +93%
Number of shares under option 3,801,667 3,698,180 103,487

* Excluding Australia and certain other assets along with Sportingbet’s Spanish business past over to William Hill from 16 September 2013.


Sports wagers, incorporating Sportingbet from 19 March 2013, grew 125% to €1,169.5 million (2012: €518.9 million). Sportingbet wagers, consolidated from 19 March 2013 to 31 December 2013 averaged €2.3 million per day and rose to €3.9 million per day in Q4 (Q4-2012: €1.5 million).

Sports margins differ widely across the multiple markets in which GVC operates as a consequence of the maturity of each market and the sports followed within them. A sports margin of 9.6% across the full year and 287 days since the acquisition of Sportingbet was achieved despite the industry-wide backdrop of punter-friendly results in Q4 2013, as previously reported by the Group on 4 December 2013.

Sport NGR represents the gross margin less free bets and promotional bonuses.

Customers have a variety of gaming opportunities ranging from Casino, through to Poker and, in certain markets, Bingo. Casino games are provided by over ten companies including such industry-leading suppliers such as Net-Entertainment, Evolution and Boss Media. Sports and gaming revenues are relatively equal now, and in H2-2013 sports NGR represented 52% of proforma revenue and gaming represented 48%.

As trailed in the 2012 Report and Accounts, whilst the customer base of Superbahis, acquired in 2011, belongs to third-party provider, East Pioneer Corporation (“EPC”), as the bulk of the economic benefit resides with the now enlarged GVC, under accounting rules approved by the EU, the Group has to fully consolidate the results. This is shown as “proforma” revenue. NGR is proforma revenue less the revenues attributable to EPC for the period from 1 January 2013 to 19 March 2013.

2013 saw a 69% increase in proforma revenues over 2012.

Table 2: Average revenues per day since 1 January 2013

€000’s Q1-2013 Q2-2013 Q3-2013 Q4-2013 Q1-2014
Sports wagers per day 1,894 3,637 3,335 3,926 3,763
Sports margin % 12.5% 9.2% 9.8% 8.4% 10.1%
PFR per day 394 542 518 523 556

Average sports wagers per day have risen by 99% to €3.8 million in Q1-2014 compared to Q1-2013 (€1.9 million). Proforma revenues per day have increased by 41% over the same period.


Contribution is GVC’s measure of revenues less cost of sales, and costs with a high correlation to revenues, such as partner shares, affiliate commissions and other marketing expenditure. Cost of sales includes payment processing charges, software royalties and local betting taxes payable in jurisdictions where we have a local licence.

The Group continues to encourage dialogue with its existing and potential regulators in the markets in which the Group operates, although it notes that in some markets there remains regulatory uncertainty.

Contribution increased by 181% to €102.6 million and an aggregate contribution margin percentage of 57% was achieved based on PFR.

The Group is making significant marketing investments ahead of the FIFA World Cup in the summer of 2014 and aims for an aggregate contribution margin of between 52% and 55%.


Clean EBITDA is contribution less expenditure incurred primarily on staff costs, property, professional fees and other overheads. The Group aims to achieve a clean EBITDA margin of not less than 20%.

Expenditure inevitably rose with the acquisition of Sportingbet, although the acquired cost base has already been trimmed by around 50%. The Group headcount in December 2013 was around 400 employees higher than in December 2012, although around 165 inherited staff left the Group in 2013.

Within expenditure there are remuneration arrangements highly geared to performance and dividend payments. Indeed for 2014, the Board’s bonuses are wholly linked to dividends and all staff can earn bonuses, although 50% of the potential is dependent on market expectations of dividend targets being met.


An acquisition as complex as a public company consortium bid has been accounted for by GVC as an exceptional item, as substantial, and one-off costs were incurred in both the acquisition and the restructuring. Whilst a significant portion in cash-terms was contributed by William Hill, accounting rules require that the contribution was taken to the balance sheet whilst the costs were taken to the Income Statement. A summary of the components of these and other exceptional costs is reproduced below:

Table 3: Summary of exceptional items

Transaction costs 9.2
Restructuring costs 11.9
Gross costs 21.1
Contribution from Sportingbet Spanish business to 16 September 2013 (1.4)

The actual costs of the restructuring at €21.1 million have been lower than €24 million as anticipated in page 49 of the prospectus.

Included within restructuring costs of €11.9 million was €9.0 million incurred through either redundancy or retention arrangements payable to staff who departed through the restructuring process. The terms of the exit payments were governed largely by the inherited redundancy terms of the Sportingbet group and these terms were enforceable by the application of the City Code on takeovers and mergers. Also included were the cost of terminating a variety of contracts, including property commitments that has allowed the Group to reduce its overheads.

Under the terms of the consortium agreement with William Hill plc, GVC was the custodian and financial beneficiary of the Sportingbet Spanish “Miapuesta” brand from 19 March 2013 to 16 September 2013. As GVC was not a “controlling party” as defined under IFRS, the contribution has been treated as a deduction from exceptional items. The financial benefit of this amounted to €1.4 million.


Depreciation of Property, Plant and Equipment rose in the year to €0.5 million (2012 €0.2 million) on total acquisitions of €0.6 million.

Amortisation of Intangible Assets rose to €3.2 million (2012: €2.3 million) arising from either assets acquired through the Sportingbet acquisition or through the acquisition of additional software required to run the Sportsbook platform.

Finance income is principally the imputed credit (as per IAS 39) on the interest free loan from William Hill. A rate of 4% has been used for the imputation.

Finance charges included €43k (2012: €0) on leased software and €1.7 million (2012: €2.2 million) on the unwinding of the discount on the deferred consideration arising from the 2009 acquisition of Betboo.

Share option charges increased to €0.7 million principally through the granting of share options to third parties in consideration for underwriting arrangements on the Sportingbet acquisition. The Group has only 3.2 million share options granted to directors and officers (5.2%) although its permitted allocation is 16.8% (10.2 million).


Normalised (i.e. before exceptional items) rose 83% in 2013.

Table 4: Earnings per share

Normalised EPS: 58.6 €cents (2012: 32.1 €cents)
Basic EPS: 22.5 €cents (2012: 29.3 €cents)
Diluted Normalised EPS: 57.2 €cents (2012: 31.6 €cents)
Diluted EPS: 22.0 €cents (2012: 28.8 €cents)

The diluted EPS is affected by two components: grants of share options granted to employees and directors, and warrants granted to third parties pursuant to underwriting arrangements entered into in contemplation of the Sportingbet acquisition.


Table 5: History of dividends paid and declared in 2013

Declaration date Fiscal year 2012
Fiscal year 2013
19 September 2012 15.0
25 January 2013 7.0 7.0
1 July 2013 10.5 10.5
25 September 2013 10.5 10.5
9 January 2014 11.5 11.5
9 April 2014 16.0 16.0
22.0 48.5 28.0 27.5

As previously announced, GVC is committed to paying dividends on a quarterly basis and paying a cash amount broadly equivalent to 75% of its net operating cashflows, taking into account an assessment of its working capital needs.

The final dividend of 16.0 €cents per share will be payable on 19 May 2014 to shareholders on the register at the close of business on Friday 25 April 2014. The shares will go ex-dividend on Wednesday 23 April 2014.


Table 6: Summary of the acquisition accounting of Sportingbet

€000’s €000’s
Various non-current assets at fair value 6,742
Net current liabilities excluding transaction costs (35,961)
Transaction costs (8,624)
Termination arrangements for Sportingbet board (5,022)
Amount discharged at completion by William Hill 42,562
Goodwill 84,221
Issue of 29,018,075 ordinary GVC shares at £2.48 at £1 = €1.1661 83,918

The Sportingbet balance sheet was in very poor shape, GVC effectively inherited a deficit of €50 million – Sportingbet fully drew-down on its banking facilities, had placed heavy reliance on finance leases, had deeply out-of-the-money currency hedges, and legacy liabilities which fell to GVC to discharge. The inheritance of this together with the professional and other costs arising from the acquisition both by Sportingbet and GVC, and the Group’s planned restructuring costs were partially offset by the contribution from William Hill and augmented by their interest free loan, which is repayable in three installments by June 2016.

Whilst the acquisition balance sheet was significantly worse than anticipated, the swift turnaround of the business coupled with the mitigated earn-out payments under the Superbahis transaction meant that the acquisition ‘washed its face’ in less than nine months.

Table 7: Cash impact of the acquisition and its results during 2013

In €millions Total Acquisition balance sheet Exceptional items
Costs of removing Sportingbet board (5.0) (5.0)
Transaction fees incurred by Sportingbet (8.6) (8.6)
Net current liabilities at acquisition (36.0) (36.0)
Balance sheet deficit (49.6) (49.6)
GVC transaction costs (9.3) (9.3)
Restructuring costs (11.9) (11.9)
William Hill plc capital contribution 42.6 42.6
William Hill loan 8.0
Profits arising from Sportingbet turnaround,
Superbahis mitigation and Spanish contribution
25.1 1.5
4.9 (7.0) (19.7)


The net position is obviously affected by the timing of the dividend payments – which totalled €15.0 million during 2013 (2012: €8.2 million). Such is the strategy of GVC towards its dividend payments, that GVC aims to keep its Net Current Assets relatively equal to its Net Current Liabilities, but ensuring at all times that its balances with customers are covered and meet regulatory requirements.

Table 8: Liquidity position as at 31 December 2013

€000’s €000’s
Restricted cash* 7,356
Add: cash in transit with payment processors 18,270
Total 25,656
Less: Customer balances (13,298)
Surplus over customer liabilities 12,358
Free cash 11,452
Trade payables (9,586)
Installments payable in 2014 to providers of lease finance (945)
Installment payable to William Hill in December 2014 (2,752)
Loan imputed interest 238
Corporate and other taxes reclaimable less payable (539)
Other tax liabilities (4,182)
Accruals, prepayments and other net current assets (5,765)
Net current assets 279

* Restricted cash refers to balances at banks where the cash has to be ring-fenced for regulatory reasons.


The Group’s cashflow position for 2013 is summarised below:

Table 9: Summarised cashflow

Clean EBITDA 38.3
     – Exceptional items (19.7)
     – Betboo earnout (6.4)
     – Expenditure of tangible and intangible fixed assets for cash (0.0)
     – Corporate taxes paid (less recovered) (0.4)
     – Deficit in Sportingbet Balance sheet (from above) (49.6)
     – Contribution from William Hill 42.6
     – Loan from William Hill 8.0
     – Cash raised in issue of share options 0.3
And: Net movements in working capital 14.1
Less: restricted cash (7.4)
Net operating cashflows 19.8
Less: Dividends paid (equating to 75.75% of cashflow) (15.0)
Net cashflow for year 4.8
Add: restricted cash balances 7.4
Add: Cash at 1 January 2013 6.6
Cash at 31 December 2013 18.8


These consist of three principal items:

a.) Interest free loan from William Hill

As part of the Sportingbet acquisition there was a loan facility from William Hill of up to £15 million. At the balance sheet date the amount drawn-down amounted to £6.9 million, of which £2.3 million is repayable in less than one year and thus accounted for as a current liability and the balance is shown on the GVC balance sheet as a non-current liability. It is repayable in two further equal installments, by 31 December 2015 and 30 June 2016. Should GVC declare dividends in excess of 58 €cents per share, William Hill are entitled to receive an accelerated repayment equal to the excess of the actual dividend over 58 €cents per share. Whilst the loan is interest free, IAS 39 requires GVC to account for imputed interest calculated at 4%.

Gross amount of loan payable after one year 5,504
Imputed interest (356)
Amount recognised in non-current liabilities 5,148

b.) Deferred consideration on Betboo

Under accounting rules, this item is a combination of gross amounts payable, €8.4 million at 31 December 2013, and which can vary, but are subject to a cap, and the “unwinding of the discount”, €0.8 million and chargeable to the Income Statement.

Following the migration of the Betboo software to the existing Sportingbet platform in the second-half of 2013 there was a minor change in the staging of the earn-out payments, but not the ultimate quantum.

Table 10: Analysis of Betboo deferred consideration

€ millions Due to
Arising on acquisition 21.4 0.3 21.7 (8.6) 13.1
Charge to income statement
– prior to 2013
– during 2013
– due in 2014
– due in future periods

Payments made
– on acquisition
– up to 31.12.2012
– During 2013


Payments due
– In 2014
– In 2015
– In 2016


Lifetime balances 21.4 0.3 21.7 (8.6) 13.1
Memo, due at 31.12.2013 8.4 8.4 (0.8) 7.6

c.) Finance leases

This represents the lease finance taken-out for the purchase of software and similar underpinning the Sportsbook platform.

Table 11: Analysis of finance lease liabilities

Property, plant and equipment capitalised 543
Software capitalised 827
Hardware and software support to be expensed 753
Total amount financed 2,123
Finance charges expensed in 2013 43
Finance charges expensed in future periods 74
Total amounts repayable to provider of lease finance 2,240
Payable in 2014 (included in current liabilities) 945
Payable in future periods 1,295
Amount payable in future periods 1,295
Less: future finance charges (74)
Included in non-current liabilities 1,221


The most significant impact on the balance sheet was the acquisition of Sportingbet and the issue of shares used to finance it.

Table 12: Balance Sheet bridge

At 1 January 2013 58,471
EBITDA 38,299
Exceptional items (19,711)
Net finance charges (1,104)
Depreciation and amortisation (3,740)
Taxation (711)
Movement on translation reserve 359
Issue of shares for Sportingbet acquisition 83,918
Share options exercised 294
Dividends paid (14,979)
At 31 December 2013   141,096


GVC Group reports in Euro and its main operating subsidiary is incorporated in the Eurozone.

Table 13: Mix of currency exposures based on Q4-2013 revenues

Euro 39%
Turkish Lira 27%
Brazilian Real 4%
Sterling 4%
Other currencies 26%

During the year, the combined loss from realised and unrealised foreign exchange was €1.9 million although €1.1 million of this arose as a one-off re-translation of the Sportingbet ledgers, hitherto denominated in Sterling. The William Hill loan is denominated in Sterling (£6.9 million) and incurred an unrealised loss of €0.2 million. GVC does not take delivery of either TRY or BRL as such currency conversions are handled by the Group’s payment processing intermediaries.

Additionally, the Net Current Assets of the Group are of course revalued each month at month-end exchange rates and this also results in exchange gains and losses. The principal revaluations are for the customer liabilities, although these are now largely currency matched to produce a natural hedge.

The relative purchasing power of the Euro has strengthened against three significant currencies for the Group. GVC estimates that the impact on profits from weaker TRY and BRL when compared to average rates in 2012 would be in the region of €5 million.

Table 14: Relative purchasing power of the Euro

(Source:, the mid point of the bid/offer price has been selected)

1 Euro = Average
rate in
Rate at
31 Dec
rate in
Rate at
% change
in average
% change in
BRL 2.502 2.70856 2.8514 3.2531 Euro
by 14.0%
by 20.1%
TRY 2.314 2.3685 2.5199 2.9464 Euro
by 8.9%
by 24.4%
GBP 0.8113 0.8174 0.8491 0.8348 Euro
by 4.7%
by 2.1%

Future trading updates and financial calendar

It is anticipated that GVC will make further announcements on or around the following dates:

22 April 2014 – Posting of R&As and Notice of AGM
14 May 2014 – AGM Trading Update, Result of AGM
19 May 2014 – Payment of Final Dividend
W/c 14 July 2014 – H1 and post World Cup Trading Update
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Richard Cooper
Group Finance Director
8 April 2014


for the year ended 31 December 2013

  Notes 2013
Net gaming revenue 2 168,407 60,325
Cost of sales (65,776) (23,849)
Contribution 2 102,631 36,476
Operating costs (as below) 3 (88,513) (23,442)
Other operating costs 3 (64,332) (21,024)
Share option charges 3 (730) (79)
Exceptional items 3 (19,711) 208
Depreciation and amortisation 3 (3,740) (2,547)
Operating profit 14,118 13,034
Financial income 627 2
Financial expense (1,731) (2,206)
Profit before tax 13,014 10,830
Taxation charge (711) (480)
Profit after taxation from continuing operations 12,303 10,350
Loss after taxation from discontinued operations (1,114)
Profit after tax 12,303 9,236
Earnings per share  
Profit from continuing operations 0.225 0.328
Loss from discontinued operations (0.035)
Total 4 0.225 0.293
Profit from continuing operations 0.220 0.323
Loss from discontinued operations (0.035)
Total 4 0.220 0.288


For the year ended 31 December 2013

  2013 2012
  €000’s €000’s
Profit for the year 12,303 9,236
Items that may be reclassified subsequently to profit or loss:  
Exchange differences on translation of foreign operations 359
Profit and total comprehensive income for the year 12,662 9,236


at 31 December 2013

    2013 2012
  Notes €000’s €000’s
Property, plant and equipment 918 653
Intangible assets 153,850 65,440
Deferred tax asset 83
Total non-current assets 154,768 66,176
Trade and other receivables 23,579 17,356
Income taxes reclaimable 1,877 943
Other tax reclaimable 306
Cash and cash equivalents 18,808 6,632
Total current assets 44,570 24,931
Current liabilities  
Trade and other payables (24,089) (17,270)
Balances with customers (13,298) (1,712)
Income taxes payable (2,722) (1,185)
Other taxation liabilities (4,182) (186)
Total current liabilities (44,291) (20,353)
Current assets less current liabilities 279 4,578
Non-current liabilities  
Interest bearing loans and borrowings (1,221)
Non-interest bearing loan and borrowings (5,148)
Deferred consideration on Betboo (7,582) (12,283)
Total non-current liabilities (13,951) (12,283)
Total net assets 141,096 58,471
Capital and reserves  
Issued share capital 609 316
Merger reserve 40,407 40,407
Share premium 84,530 611
Translation reserve 359
Retained earnings 15,191 17,137
Total equity attributable to equity holders of the parent 141,096 58,471


For the year ended 31 December 2013

Attributable to equity holders of the parent company:

€000’s €000’s €000’s €000’s €000’s €000’s
Balance at 1 January 2012 315 40,407 416 16,036 57,174
Share option charges 568 568
Lapsed share options (489) (489)
Share options exercised 1 195 196
Dividend paid (8,214) (8,214)
Transactions with owners 1 195 (8,135) (7,939)
Profit and total comprehensive expense 9,236 9,236
Balance as at 31 December 2012 316 40,407 611 17,137 58,471
Balance at 1 January 2013 316 40,407 611 17,137 58,471
Share option charges 736 736
Share options cancelled (6) (6)
Share options exercised 3 291 294
Issue of share capital for the
acquisition of Sportingbet PLC
290 83,628 83,918
Dividend paid (14,979) (14,979)
Transactions with owners 293 83,919 (14,249) 69,963
Profit and total comprehensive income 12,303 12,303
Total comprehensive income 359 359
Balance as at 31 December 2013 609 40,407 84,530 359 15,191 141,096

All reserves of the Company are distributable, as under The Isle of Man Companies Act 2006, distributions are not governed by reserves but by the Directors undertaking an assessment of the Company’s solvency at the time of distribution.


For the year ended 31 December 2013

     2013 2012
Notes €000’s €000’s
Cash flows from operating activities    
Cash receipts from customers   173,885 56,881
Cash paid to suppliers and employees (181,592) (47,686)
Corporate taxes recovered 1,143 1,529
Corporate taxes paid (1,580) (1,946)
Net cash from operating activities (8,144) 8,778
Cash flows from investing activities  
Interest received 33 2
Acquisition earn-out payments (Betboo) (6,378) (2,863)
Acquisition (net of cash acquired) 5 64,755
Non-interest bearing loan (from William Hill) 8,020
Acquisition of property, plant and equipment (37) (492)
Acquisition of intangible assets (4) (628)
Net cash from investing activities 66,389 (3,981)
Cash flows from financing activities  
Proceeds from issue of share capital 294 196
Repayment of borrowings 5 (31,384)
Dividend paid (14,979) (8,214)
Net cash from financing activities (46,069) (8,018)
Net increase/(decrease) in cash and cash equivalents 12,176 (3,221)
Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of the year   6,632 9,853
Cash and cash equivalents at end of the year   18,808 6,632



The notes are available in the PDF download.