A new charter to ensure our long-term success

In November 2020 we launched our new Sustainability Charter. We have long held the view that the most sustainable business in our industry will be the most successful business in our industry. Our Sustainability Charter  is based around four cornerstones:

    1.     An exclusive focus on regulated markets
    By the end of 2023, 100% of our revenues will be from regulated markets, which means that we are exiting markets in which there are currently no viable paths to regulation.  By the end of 2020, 99% of our revenue will be from nationally regulated or regulating markets, and we will work closely with regulatory authorities in the remaining 1% towards the highest regulatory standards.  If it becomes apparent that regulation in those markets is unlikely, we will exit them.

    2.     Continuing to take the lead on responsible gambling
    Ensuring the highest possible levels of player safety and protection is the best way of guaranteeing our long-term success.  Our technology enables us to continuously upgrade and personalise our protections for customers.  As such we have launched our Advanced Responsibility & Care (“ARC”) programme.  We will proactively implement a number of additional checks on customers at various thresholds in the customer journey. From 2021 a responsible gambling metric is being incorporated into our annual group wide bonus conditions.

    3.     Pursuing the highest standards of corporate governance
    We recognise that to be a world-leading company we need to adhere to the highest standards of governance in all areas of our operations.  Our board has been strengthened and revitalised over the last two years, notably with Barry Gibson becoming Chairman in February 2020.  We now have a robust corporate governance structure and policies in place that befit our status as a FTSE 100 company.  As the board and nominations committee is focused on bringing greater diversity to the organisation, it is anticipated that further changes will be made to the board’s membership in due course.

    4.     Investing in our people and local communities
    We have a long history of recruiting, retaining and nurturing the best people in our industry as well as a commitment to diversity, looking after our people, and creating the best place to work.

    We are proud to be able to contribute to the wider communities in which we operate, through the Entain Foundation, which is committed to donating £100 million over the next five years including our new Pitching In programme that supports grass roots sports and sports people.

    For more details see our 2021-22 ESG Report