Our people are our greatest asset. We aim to be a destination employer for talented and passionate individuals. At Entain we need a high level of competence across the business to meet our business goals and to respond to the ever changing markets we operate in.

We are an international business with more than 24,000 colleagues in 20 countries worldwide, 77% of whom are employed in Great Britain. We generate employment and tax revenue wherever we do business and in 2019, Entain Group paid a total of over £671m in wages, salaries and pension  contributions.

Best practice employment standards and frameworks
The acquisition of Ladbrokes Coral, and the consequent 890% increase in employee numbers, has prompted us to review our workplace standards and policies across our global businesses. This work is ongoing, and we will be able to report further next year.

Our  Code of Conduct, summarises the standards, principles and policies that underpin the way we operate at Entain and what we expect from everyone who works for us or does business with us. This forms the backbone of our global employee framework and is consistent with the  international Labour Organisation core labour standards and supports the Universal Declaration on Human Rights.

As a responsible employer  we are committed to providing a safe work environment which
promotes our people’s safety, health and wellbeing. Our  approach to safety, health and wellbeing are set out in our policy statement.

Throughout the past year we have begun the integration of the new people plan Ladbrokes Coral initiated as part of the Fit for the Future campaign. The people plan was designed to support our colleagues throughout their employee journey and help them develop and progress their careers:

  • The first part of the plan is to ensure we have the right operating model, with everyone clear on roles and responsibilities.
  • We will then focus on recruiting the right people into the business and ensure that all new starters get the right induction into the business and feel supported as they start their journey with us.
  • We are concluding the roll-out of a two-day face to face induction programme to train all new shop colleagues on aspects of running our shops, serving our customers, important aspects of Health and Safety and their role in promoting responsible gambling.
  • Our structured training programme, Foundations, will support our colleagues to be great in their roles, and our development programme, Advance, will help those that want to grow in their careers and move to their careers upwards.
  • Communication is an important part of our plan, ensuring that the key messages reach our colleagues, so they are clear about their objectives and feel a part of Entain.
  • We then focus on Performance Development, and creating a highly supportive, highly challenging environment where colleagues can shine.
  • And finally, recognising and rewarding great performance.