Gender Pay Gap Reporting

The UK Government introduced reporting regulations under the Equality Act 2010 requiring companies with over 250 employees to disclose their gender pay gap annually from April 2017.

The 2021 report below sets out the Group's results in the year to April 2021 together with contextual information and the initiatives we have underway to close our gender pay gap.

Entain is firmly committed to diversity and inclusion. We are focused on creating a culture that is inclusive of all where everyone has an opportunity to succeed. Our approach to diversity and inclusion needs to enable us to attract the best talent, build the most effective teams and deliver the highest level of customer service.

No Entain companies met the reporting criteria prior to the acquisition of Ladbrokes Coral Group in March 2018. Ladbrokes Coral published its own  Gender Pay Gap Report in December 2017 which is also available below.

Date Title
25 March 2022

Entain 2021 Gender Pay Gap Report

29 March 2021

Entain 2020 Gender Pay Gap Report

6 April 2020

2019 GVC Holdings Pay Gap Report

2 April 2019

2018 GVC Holdings Pay Gap Report

17 December 2017

2017 Ladbrokes Coral Group PLC Pay Gap Report